One Third Food Hall admin March 21, 2022
Project Description
One Third
Dar Wasl Mall, Al Wasl, Dubai, UAE
F & B
One Third is the first of its kind experience in Dubai. Built on home-grown ideas and businesses, One Third is the perfect platform for community players to narrate their visions and dreams and activate them into their reality.

It is a podium for small to medium enterprises to come together and create a comprehensive gastronomic experience of destination, and richly designed space. It is the pilot project to launch and operate in the Dubai market, and at this time, it embraces food and beverage, design and individual talent altogether. Comprised of 6 shops with different operators and with different cuisines, they all sustain each other and become part of the whole.

The design concept was derived from “One Third” itself or the Islamic saying “hadeath” (The selffulfilment is 1/3 for food, 1/3 for drink, 1/3 for breath), so as to continue its story to the physical form. As “Part of a Whole” or in constant change or progress, the transition of the middle stage wherein all elements are being assembled together are shown. It is about highlighting the method and progress in the construction. The grid-like structure creates a unifying look, yet interesting language that although, it is existing, it was never given importance or seen as a finished product. It’s also exemplifying a social significance and responsibility. Characterized by exposed cement finishes, black metal frames, exposed scaffolding structure, the interior architecture is very airy and gives this authentic look and feel. Uncommon materials such as rippled glass, polycarbonate sheets and glass blocks adds to the unique translucence of the space.

Since the base of the structure is as raw and unfinished as it was, when going to the micro scale of the space (fixtures, furniture, etc.) the level of finish becomes more refined, since these are the things a person has the closest connection with its sense of touch. Leather and velvet chairs, open grain wooden and stone tables provide comfortability. The addition of the lush greenery spruced up the otherwise rigid structure of the interiors.

Each operator was given the freedom to "live in" and showcase their own brand values and personality to the space. There is an all-day breakfast shop with an Emirati twist turned the place into a very homey living space with beautiful potted plants in all corners. Another one is a Lebanese urban street food place which has these arabesque rugs and crockery. An authentic Afghan restaurant showcases artworks from artists with the same roots. A local based speciality coffee has this industrial chicness touch on the place. A pop-up shop, who serves Mexican tacos transformed the space into a burst of colors and nostalgia that defined the hidden shop. One Third curates simple honest spaces to enhance the communities we live in through quality interactions. At the center of it all is a stage highlighted by live activations showcasing local talents.

Located in the heart of a neighborhood mall, Dar Wasl, the food hall experience defies the cliché type of restaurants or food courts. It has this accessible and hidden gem feel that is resonant all throughout the destination.