Seven Fortunes admin February 14, 2022
Project Description
Seven Fortunes
Al Qouz, Dubai
Rostery – Cafe

Situated in a spacious warehouse in Al Quoz industrial, Dubai, the roastery’s core was highlighted in the spatial design. KeyConcept took a non-linear approach in crafting the over-all experience. The juxtaposed blocks spotlights the different stages of the coffee making process. Filling-up this airy space are two containers stack on top of each other and are connected by a spiral staircase. One of these are tilted to make space for the coffee bar and set-off the otherwise imposing structure. The resulting angles generated interesting corners that make the space look more organic and lively. From here, all the other pieces are supporting spaces that create part of the whole.

The rigid lines of the glass, metal frames, concrete blocks and linear lights are softened with the use of light oak wooden floor, potted greenery and industrial furniture. The different levels, various niches and interesting décor created another facet to the space, giving off a vibe that is very urban and contemporary.