Whites Alula admin February 8, 2022
Project Description
Whites Alula
Al Ula, KSA
As part of 2019 edition of Winter at Tantora festival, Whites, a well-known Pharmacy and Beauty retail store in KSA, has chosen to participate in the annual fest. A pop-up lasting for a couple of months, it is situated within the cultural and heritage site of Al-Ula.

The structure is meant to set a focal point of the area without being too imposing to the natural landscape. The form is seemingly a monolithic piece that references the base of the Nabatean Architecture, as being carved out of a singular rock formation. The right shade of color has been selected to blend in with the surrounding to be one with nature. The interiors are zoned to maximize the view of the environment in 180 degrees. The result is a retail and activity experience like no other.