Qahwaty Mirdif KeyConcept22 April 19, 2023




Dubai UAE





Situated in a staple neighborhood center such as Sharjah Coop, a lot of families come there to shop. There’s also a strong adherence to the locality that cannot be unfounded, rather, to be embraced. With this in mind, the strategy is to build layers and layers upon cultural and contextual references.

Straight-forward and logical in planning, the spatial adjacency opens up itself as much as possible to be reminiscent of a domestic setting. There is no sense of saturated pretense as much as others do. The bar is split into two and becomes a place to pass by and talk to the barista like an open kitchen. Painted like a hybrid of today’s colors on yesterday’s canvas explored such a strong sense of identity without being too upfront.

Undeniably, the contrast of small patterns, blocks, carpets and simple textured paint defined something different without resisting the overwhelming Mashrabiya pattern on the façade of the building. It’s like geometry on Arabesque design, the synchronicity of these elements paved way to the quality and purpose of execution.

Like a warm cup of coffee, the space embraces a sense of nostalgia and unexpected belongingness – a true reminiscent of the values of Qahwaty as a rooted but progressive brand.

One would say it is reminiscent of a traditional shaabi house, where you have to enter a narrow space to reach the house proper. With a few intimate seating arrangements, it serves the purpose well of having a very personal and warm space. It comes in full circle since Qawahty, means “my cup of coffee”, which is very personal and endearing.